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The Military Times reported that the Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, was responsible for the delayed decision on additional Agent Orange diseases.  “In light of today’s news regarding the continued delay to add four presumptive diseases to the Agent Orange list, many Vietnam veterans were extremely upset and dissatisfied since these additional benefits were denied to our veterans as the lives of our veterans are at stake.” They insists that “the health and welfare of our nation’s veterans should, and must, be our nation’s number one priority.”

According to the Military Times, officials challenged the authority of former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin and impeded enactment of three additional health conditions to the list of diseases eligible for Agent Orange benefits. The article included an excerpt written by Shulkin and sent to Mulvaney requesting support for his effort to expand the list of Agent Orange presumptive diseases.

“What we are seeing this week only underscores the need for Congress to take up comprehensive toxic exposure legislation for veterans during this term,” said Patrick Murray, deputy director of VFW National Legislative Service. “Every time we send our men and women to war we end up deliberating for decades as to whether or not they were exposed to toxic chemicals. This type of absurdity must stop.”

Years aso, it was argued that veterans of World War I deserved health care and compensation benefits because of the human tolls of war. Today is not different.

“The White House and VA must do the right thing and approve these Agent Orange presumptive conditions immediately,” said Schmitz. “We cannot, and will not, stand by and allow another veteran to lose their life because of the bureaucracy of Washington. The time for waiting is over.”

There is currently a bill, which would require the Department of Veterans Affairs to permit fallen soldier displays in VA national cemeteries.

Two years ago, veterans in Strongsville, Ohio, erected a battlefield cross by the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery chapel as a sign of respect for their fallen comrades. They were later to learn that the former director improperly removed the memorial, claiming that it depicted violence. To the veterans, all of whom have deployed into harm’s way in a foreign land, the battlefield cross bears a sacred significance and is used to honor and remember our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

Now, these veterans are pleased that VA reversed the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery director’s decision and issued a notice to all national cemetery directors entitled “Acceptance of Donations Featuring the Fallen Solider Display,” which makes clear VA’s policy to allow the display of the battlefield cross at any VA national cemetery. VFW Post 3345 members report that the unfortunate Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery incident was resolved and has not reoccurred. To prevent similar incidents in the future, the VFW supports legislation that safeguards a veteran’s right to honor fallen brothers and sisters.


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