“Closure for a Friend”


An unsolved mystery is right here in Quitman, MS. How does a young lady disappear without a trace from Long Blvd. in the middle of town? I just don’t understand. Someone has to know something. There is a father, two brothers, and a grandma who are worried sick about their little girl. I’ve known the family all my life and even lived with them for a while when I was younger. Blair loved her family more than anything, and there is no way she would have just run off without letting someone know. I cannot imagine the pain her family and close friends are going through not knowing where she is. I just hope the Good Lord convicts someone’s heart to come forward with information. I ask you to put yourself in her family’s shoes and if you know the slightest detail to come forward. She is out there and one or more people know what happened and where she is. Everyone makes mistakes, but God gives us all a chance to do the right thing. Let this be your time to do it. The sooner she is found, the sooner her family can grieve properly and have closure. If anyone has any additional information, contact our local sheriff’s department. An anonymous tip would suffice. Even the smallest bit of information can lead to a family finding peace. If my family was wealthy, I’d put up my own money as a reward, but that’s not the case. Please help.

From a Family Friend