Is Newspaper Dying? Is Clarke County?


Some businesses question the validity of newspaper. Is it dying? Is it worth advertising?

I believe the best way to grow a community is through positive stories about its people. I don't make them up--they are already here. They just need an opportunity to shine.

When you buy an ad, you are doing MORE than putting your business out there. You are helping build the kind of community where businesses can prosper--your business. A strong community makes for a strong economy.

When you purchase a newspaper, you are doing MORE than reading about your community, you are showing your SUPPORT for your community.  The community where you live!

The best way to encourage people in the community is to support them.  Kind words and positive actions bring about change.  When we discuss the negative and offer solutions, this is productive talk.  I believe in talking about the negative and I love to hear what people offer as solutions.  When we highlight the positive, I believe you begin to see a community change from the inside-out. 

Just think about it.  When you are having a bad day and someone smiles and says something nice about you, your disposition changes.  Our community is no different.  Why?  Because a community is not an inanimate object, it’s actual living, breathing people.  A community isn’t a “thing”, it’s YOU! 

In our community, I hear the good and bad.  I have my opinions about ALL of it.  The opinion that matters the most is the opinion that I believe we are successful.  I believe you are successful and I believe Clarke County can be a viable, thriving community.  Heck, I believe it already is!  Why?  We have dedicated workers, risk-taking entrepreneurs, medical facilities, a railroad, a strong highway system, two large lakes, a river, numerous small towns, schools, churches, restaurants, and an interesting history.  I don’t want Clarke County to become too populous, I simply want its people to realize what we have.  We are blessed.  Change your mind and you change your life.  Decide on those things that matter to you and support them.  These are the things I believe in.

So, is a newspaper an important part of your community.  I believe it can be.  I never want to see a headline in the newspaper not worthy of my community.  Why?  Because you never know who may be picking up our newspaper just to see what kind of place we are.  Your support pushes our local newspaper to be the mouthpiece to speak for the community.  Does it say Clarke County is dying?  Absolutely not.  In fact, I hope it says the absolute opposite.  From my desk, I see a place to be proud of and I am. 

We invite you to build a strong community with us.