Dumping deer remains is illegal


The excitement surrounding the opening of deer season looms in the hearts of true hunters here in Mississippi. The parking lots of sports and feed stores are full on a Saturday morning with hunters buying supplies preparing for the first hunt of the season.

What can change that excitement for a true hunter or others who care about their property are people who have no hunter ethics.

Ethics are a set of moral principles that guide a person’s behavior. Each hunter should have a code of conduct that they follow within the hunting community. The main ethic should be to obey the laws. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know Mississippi laws and be in compliance with all the current hunting rules, one of those being no illegal dumping of deer carcasses and insides.

According to Major Chris Reed with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, it is illegal to dump any remains along public roads and highways. “Proper management of deer carcasses and guts are either in your own garbage disposal, or on your own property in a deep site burial place.”

Hunters who dispose of carcasses illegally can be charged with illegal disposing of waste which carries a $200-$200 fine; disposing of solid waste or littering, which can have a $250 fine, along with possible jail time, according to Clarke County MDWFP Officer Heath Hulon. Repeat offenders could possibly have their hunting licenses revoked.

Clarke County Veterinarian Ashley Bentley has had several buckets of insides and carcasses thrown out near her animal clinic this week. According to Dr. Bentley, deer guts are poisonous and will kill a dog. She is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest of the person/s responsible for this illegal dumping. If you have information about this particular dumping, please call the Quitman Police Department with information.

“Dumping is a terrible problem in Mississippi during hunting season,” said Hulon. “We get many calls on this. We do have plot watching cameras in many places and we will catch illegal actions.”

If you know of or see someone illegally disposing of carcasses, please contact your local police department, The Clarke County Sheriff’s Department at 601-776-5252, or Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks 1-800-BE-SMART (237-6278) to report the incident.


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