No updates on missing Quitman woman


One of a parent’s worst nightmares is something happening to their child. Ferlin Ivy knows well that feeling. He lost one son at 17 with a medical issue. His daughter, Alisha Lynn Blair Ivy, has been missing for a little over nine months now. Her 24th birthday is in a few days.

“There’s no closure,” said Ferlin. “Normally when your loved one dies, you bury them and you have closure. This is not the case here.  Her disappearing right here in the middle of Quitman, someone has to know what happened to her.”

Blair’s last known location was at a residence on Long Blvd. in Quitman Sunday, October 28, 2018. There have been no answers as to her whereabouts since. Her cell phone fell silent after that day.

At the time, Sheriff Todd Kemp called in every state agency he could and organized search parties for two weeks.

“I pulled all the stops on this deal,” said Kemp. “I called every agency in on this that I knew to call. We run down 100s of leads, and we interviewed several people. We searched every logging road we could find; not only us, but Emergency Management, the volunteer fire departments, Jones, Jasper and Lauderdale counties, and the Department of Homeland Security, every state and local agency we could get.”

Ivy’s phone last pinged off the Vossburg tower. The ping includes a 25 mile radius around the tower, which not only includes Clarke County, but Jasper and Jones counties as well.

“We searched in the Beaverdam area around the tower, and everywhere in Clarke, Jones and Jasper counties we could search,” stated Kemp.

Groups also searched the Chickasawhay River in Shubuta as well, but the river was high and nothing was located then or after it went down.

“We feel something bad has happened, no doubt, but what and who did it, we still don’t know,” added Kemp. “We haven’t had any new leads recently. We keep hoping that one person who does have knowledge, gives us something to go on. Call Crime Stoppers, us, or anyone, if you recollect anything strange going on down the road from your house that day. Let us know. If there is something out there we missed, we will be glad to go back and revisit it.”

Blair’s mother died when she was just 2 ½ years old. Her father raised her and her siblings the best he could alone. “She was such a good happy kid, always smiling and playing. Everyone loved her,” added Ferlin. “She cooked me a big meal on the 27th and brought me a plate. That was the last time I talked to her. She was so excited because she was planning to cook a big Thanksgiving meal for her family.” That meal never came.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Department and her father are still in hopes the right information will come along to help locate her.

“I pray every night for God to put it in the person’s heart to come forth with information. The good Lord will test your faith in a lot of ways.  I’ve never blamed Him or questioned Him for things that have happened to me. I do appreciate all the Sheriff’s Department has done in this case. I know they come out of Jackson to help also. They just can’t get the right lead. They need more information to go on. If anyone has any information, please turn it in to the sheriff’s department,” added Ferlin.

If anyone has any information regarding this case please contact the criminal investigation division at 601-776-5252 or the East Mississippi Crime Stoppers hotline 1-855-485-8477. The Crime Stoppers hotline is anonymous.

“This is an awful feeling. The pain never stops. I just wish someone would talk. I don’t know what to say but I miss her bad,” said Ferlin as he hung his head to hold back the tears.


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