Quitman awarded Healthy Hometown Grant

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS recently awarded the City of Quitman a Healthy Hometown grant of $50,000. Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton received the award from BCBS for demonstrating his commitment to the health and wellness of his citizens.

The plaque stated, “Your community’s efforts to support a healthier Mississippi will be a model for other communities across the state. We recognize and applaud your efforts as a Mississippi Healthy Hometown for 2019.”

The mayor has worked with Quitman School District for three years to win the grant, which can be used for anything that relates to improving the health in the city or schools.

“I was attracted to it as a source of giving fifth graders an opportunity for a longer life,” stated Mayor Fulton. “One of the benefits of this program is the gain in trust of policemen by young students.”

The Healthy Hometown program would have police officers and firefighters making monthly visits to schools to talk to fifth graders about bullying, peer pressure, tobacco use, healthy eating, and exercises. The responders would even work out with the students, based on the lesson outline for each visit. The program has proven to be beneficial to all the places that have already implemented it.

“The cities and schools that have implemented the program have seen tremendous strides improving the bond between fifth graders, their parents, and the police department,” said Fulton.

Mayor Fulton has already submitted his plans for what he would like to do with the grant money to benefit the community and schools. He intends to use the money to purchase chess equipment for Quitman Upper Elementary, 50 bicycles, 16 bicycle racks, some park equipment, and make bike paths for downtown.