Quitman Village: A Mayor’s Vision


Mayor Eddie Fulton has big plans for the city of Quitman that he would love to see come to fruition. One of his visions is Quitman Village.

Quitman Village would be a mixed-use neighborhood on a large area of vacant land close to the downtown area, the former Bazor Lumber Yard. If this village were to become a reality, then residents could enjoy a healthier lifestyle by walking or biking downtown instead of driving.

Part of his plans for the area would include some pre-built buildings that could be rented out at a reasonable price and used to start up new small businesses. There will be an area set aside for a farmer’s market. There are also plans to have a large vacant area to be used for large town events.

He has plans to have a building that can be used as a new library and will have large meeting rooms available for rent.

Quitman Village would host a variety of homes designed to match the historic style of the homes in the surrounding communities on the outside and open concept spaces on the inside. The homes would be made of cross laminated timbers, so they would be fire resistant and have stronger resistance to high winds. He would like to try and keep the house prices below $200,000 if possible, and the stronger housing could help families have a lower cost on home insurance.

To help build up recreation in the city, Quitman Village would also contain a putt-putt golf course, electric go cart race track, batting cages, and a video game arcade. The city would also like to create multiple bicycle lanes throughout the city and have bike racks placed around town.

The project would also include a large convenience store that would have room for two adjoining restaurants.

“Our plans for Quitman Village would create a great area for the city with housing that can’t be found anywhere else in the state,” explained Mayor Eddie Fulton.

The mayor is working hard to partner with different businesses and agencies to devise the plans for the innovative area. He is also working hard to acquire the funds that would be needed to create Quitman Village.

Recently a meeting was held at The Depot that included the architect of the plan, Jared Acy of Watkins & Acy Landscape Architects, and members of the MSU architectural department, to get the communities input on certain topics. The MSU students are working on drawing up housing plans that will fit into the village.

Although Quitman Village has not been able to be made a reality yet, the mayor has given all the details he can so the community can have a glimpse of what his vision for the city is. He has hopes to begin to at least begin working on the project sometime next year.


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