Sonny Young: From Old to New


“I really love my people around here, my customers. I appreciate them and them trading with me all these years and have made a lot of friends.” This statement made by Mr. Sonny Young definitely fits his character well. He is the kind-hearted and loving gentleman who has worked full-time with his family business, Reliable Small Engines, since January 2, 1978. He had always been with the business started by his uncle and father 75 years ago and has enjoyed getting to meet with the community around him through the business. 

In fact, his favorite thing about the business he has worked for for so many years is the public. “I enjoy meeting the public. That’s the number one thing.”

Earlier on he had approached Quitman Building Supply and sold the store to them because he knew that if anyone could take care of the business, it would be them. After having some health problems, Mr. Young was able to come home from the Methodist Rehab on February 22 of this year. Despite his health problems, he still comes to work at Quitman Small Engine and Repair everyday to help out and see the community he loves so much. He enjoys visiting with everyone and said, “It’s a great blessing to see them come see me now.”

When asked what he would want everyone to know about him, Mr. Young’s answer was simply, “Well I love them all and I wish them the best in their lives.  That’s it.  You know we can deal with things, but we need to look out for each other and try to take care of each other.”

Mr. Young is a hard-working individual who is filled with love and compassion for everyone he meets. Come down to Quitman Small Engine and Repair at 101 S. Railroad Ave. in Quitman and see Mr. Sonny Young Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 7 a.m. - noon.


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