Waltman Realty to close


Since the 1970s, Waltman Realty has serviced an eight county area, but the family owned business will be closing on December 31. Although the decision was hard to make, Cindi Waltman Conner believes that she is doing what is best for her and her family at this time.

“I’ve had some health problems over the past few years, and I lost my husband almost five years ago,” explained Conner. “My grandchildren are growing up on me.”

Although the business will be officially closed on December 31, Cindi Conner will not be leaving real estate.

“I will always remain a licensed active real estate broker. It is very upsetting to me to close my office, but I don’t feel at this time that I can give 200 percent of myself like I’ve always tried to do, to outlying areas,” stated Conner. “I’m going to work privately as a private broker to help people if they need some type of small assistance here in just Clarke County. Closing a family business does hurt, but we’ve done a lot of good in this county. We’ve employed a lot of people, and the entire Waltman family stands behind me on doing this.”

The Waltman Realty number will no longer be valid once the business is closed, but Conner is still able to be reached for small broker services in Clarke County at her private number, 601-776-3714. Her private services will not be on a large scale, but she is more than willing to help buyers and sellers on a small scale.

“I will never let my real estate license expire,” said Conner.

Although the business is closing, Melanie Taylor will remain an active real estate agent for anyone who is interested in using her services.

“Melanie will be licensed just under me so that she can help anybody with any need they may have,” explained Conner.

Although she is heartbroken to have to close the business, Cindi Conner is very grateful to everyone for the tremendous support that has been shown to the company over the years.

“I just want to thank Clarke County and its citizens for supporting Waltman Realty for almost 50 years in our wonderful community,” stated Conner.


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