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Two individuals were arrested last week after a 16 year old female was taken to the hospital on October 30 after what looked like she had been beaten, according to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Depa
The long-awaited election of 2019 is over and results are in. All of the current incumbents kept their seats for another four years.
Sylvester Gates, a veteran with the Army National Guard, has done an excellent job helping out in a war zone. He decided to join the National Guard in 1975.
Get ready Quitman: A high-flying, slam-dunking, rim-rattling basketball show is coming to town!
Taylor Boyd may be bashful, but her precious personality lights up the room wherever she goes. Anyone who has the privilege of knowing her can’t help but love her.

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“Do your best to come before winter.” (2Timothy 4:21) Every year when the temperatures begin to fall, I think about how the Apostle Paul had been arrested by the Roman government and was writing his final letter to his faithful disciple Timothy.

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VFW Post 4982 asks, are you ready to vote? This election is important, and it is your chance to weigh in on the issues that matter most to you and your family. As voters, we all have an equal say in determining our future. That’s why it is so important to go cast a vote!

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Searching through old newspapers, you sometimes stumble across an article that strikes you a bit amusing.  A majority of the time the event took place somewhere outside of Clarke County, but here is one dating back to 1854 that took place right here.  It is possible that it d



“Do your best to come before winter.” (2Timothy 4:21) Every year when the temperatures begin to... READ MORE