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In a joint effort by Quitman Police Department and Clarke County Sheriff’s Department, an arrest has been made in the robbery of a local grocery store.
“Let’s keep our memories alive” is something that many people truly believe in, especially at this time.
April Jones has been promoted to the position of Bank Manager at Citizens National Bank’s Quitman Banking Centre.  A 10-year employee of the Bank, Jones began her career with the Bank as a Custome
In a matter of 21 days, the corona virus has spread across Mississippi from one case to 937 and 20 deaths.
All non-essential businesses are closed due to our Shelter in Place order. We have a list of essential businesses that is built on federal guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security.

In the Darkness


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5) Darkness, in its purest sense, is not a property or a thing in itself. Instead, darkness is the absence of light. Shades of darkness are actually different shades of light.

Peace or Panic?


Covid-19 is already producing evidence of panic across our country to the extent probably not seen since the Great Depression.  Even here in Clarke County, items are sold out in stores and churches with large congregations are not holding services.  Folks are staying home.  T

Sideline View 03/26/20


The COVID-19 pandemic is beginning its second week in Mississippi. During my life experiences I have seen storms Betsy, Camille, Fredric and Katrina come in and leave destruction that affected thousands of Mississippians. Those storms were brief but deadly.