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Nonprofit groups depend on volunteers in order to successfully help the community. Sometimes it can be difficult to recruit and keep up with the volunteer, though.
Every year Archusa puts on a firework display on July 3rd. This has become a yearly tradition for many families to enjoy right here in Clarke County.
PHI Air Medical is the new air ambulance service that can help with emergencies in Clarke County.
Dayton Jones became the first to graduate from the CTE Welding Program at Jones College in Stonewall on Friday, June 12.
Cordarius Nelson, 28, arrested by QPD for MDOC hold, aggravated assault Chirino Everett, 29, arrested by QPD for domestic violence

Arrest records

• Clarence Peterson, 45, wm, arrested by CCSO on MDOC and DHS warrants

• Richard Carney, 40, wm, arrested by CCSO on DHS warrant

• Ladxacious Pittman, 20, bm, arrested by CCSO for DUI other, suspended license, resisting arrest, possession of paraphernalia

Crime Report

• Joshua Frank Culpepper, 19, wm, arrested by CCSO for DUI first offense, possession of beer.

• Robinque Steele, 23, bf, arrested by QPD for suspended license