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• Ashley Whitaker, 29, was arrested by CCSD for disorderly conduct and simple assault • Annie Ivy, 33, was arrested by CCSD for disorderly conduct and possession of a concealed weapon
On a warm spring day in April of 2012, The Enterprise Woman’s Club held the dedication and unveiling ceremony for the long-planned monument for the Confederate Cemetery.
White Oaks Springs Baptist Church recently hosted a “Women in Hats and Men in Black” program in celebration of the 183rd church anniversary.
“Woke up at 5 a.m., an put on my camouflage/Wiped off my .243 and fired up my Dodge/Headed out to my ol’ deer stand back in the pines/ Gonna get me a ten point buck with 11 inch tines, yeah/Cause
Since the start of the quarantine, Clarke County has been blessed to not see an increase in any major crime.

Arrest Records

• Marion Hilton, 19, bm, arrested by CCSO for petit larceny

• Alfonzo Lynch, 30, bm, arrested by CCSO for disturbance of family

• Tyrese Watts, 22, bm, arrested by CCSO for disorderly conduct

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I could ask “WHY ME”, but I don’t.  Twenty five and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  God has given me many opportunities to show his love to cancer patients and their families since my diagnosis.  I truly believe this was God’s plan for my life.  When a p

Volunteer Fire Runs

3/16/15  Grass Fire Hwy 513  Stonewall

3/16/15  Vehicle Fire Hwy 145/45  Rolling Creek

3/17/15  EMS Call Hwy 45 South  DeSoto

3/17/15  Grass Fire Hwy 45  Quitman

3/17/15  Structure Fire Long Blvd  Quitman

Arrest Records

• Pete Volking, 34, wm, arrested by CCSO for FTA

• Norma Menasco 37, wf, arrested by CCSO for disturbance of family

• Nikki Brown, 32, bf, arrested by CCSO for domestic violence

• Jordan Quinn Wilcher, 18, wm, arrested by MHP for speeding