Today's Top Stories

Ronnie Fagan, a pig farmer from Quitman, Mississippi, served as a delegate to the Pork Act Delegate assembly March 6-8 in Orlando.

Wesley Seal has joined the Archusa Creek Water Park management team.  He is coming to the community from Okatibbee Creek Water Park.  Seal is joined by park...

Jennifer Bozeman Keeps Talent Local  (pictured in the back of the photo)

In 1969 a group of parents and teachers came together to make a unique school in Pachuta, Mississippi....

Congratulations to Coach Krystal Turner and Enterprise Middle School Cheer squad! The girls received 3rd Place in the Nation February 9, 2019, in Orlando, FL.

Belaynesh Shiferaw from Quitman High School has advanced to the state competition for Poetry Out Loud.  She is a sophomore and a second year school champion for Poetry Out Loud.