Book Review: Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood

What I’m Reading… 
 Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood      
By Kasey Matthews 
A baby born much too early brings fear, sadness, and uncertainty.  Most people will never experience the situation, but everyone may know someone who has and it was for this reason that I picked up the book, Preemie-- to learn.  I knew it would be a way to gain empathy and understanding when the miracle of bringing a baby into the world doesn’t go the way we planned.  The book reads like a novel, but is filled with heart-breaking truths and recounts the Matthews real life struggle.   Kasey Matthews tells her story in painstaking detail, opening up her private life to the reader.  It seems no thought or moment is withheld, even when she doubts her love for her own baby.  The story is real and raw.  It is inspiring and true.  You’ll cheer when Kasey realizes that she--as the mom--has to trust her mom instincts.  It’s in sharing the story, that Kasey has helped us all understand better, celebrate life quicker, and reach out kinder.  Kasey’s story gives insight into healing a preemie, as well as, a mother’s struggle for dealing with her child’s illness she can’t heal on her own.  Poignant, true, raw--a story of triumph!