Eagles and Buzzards


Often I reflect on the difference between eagles and buzzards and the life-lessons that I get from these.  Both are birds of prey and both show characteristics that are so like people.  Some traits are common and some are different.

Eagles have vision that can see a long way and very clearly.  We want vision for our leaders and for ourselves.  Proverbs 29:18 reminds us that where there is no vision, the people perish.

Eagles tend to be loners and buzzards tend to be “groupies.”  When we see one buzzard, we most often see at least two or a gang of them at the site of road kill.

Eagles are fearless – never giving up.  That is a trait that we need if we are to live with victory and joy.  Eagles are also tenacious as they hang on in a storm.  The website https://www.margarethirsch.co.za/7-characteristics-of-eagles/ describes how an eagle will spread its wings and use the current to take it to greater heights.  Lesser birds tend to move away from the storm.

Eagles never eat dead meat or scavenges.  It kills its own prey.  The various websites liken this to “change thinkers” and “change makers.”  On the other hand, buzzards seem to thrive on dead meat. 

What I find most interesting about eagles is how they handle their mid-life crisis.  At around age 30, their body starts to deteriorate so rapidly that the eagle goes on a sabbatical to a remote mountain top and for five months promotes a metamorphosis of itself.  It breaks off its beak on a rock, and plucks out feathers and talons – all to promote new growth and a renewal of its life.  Buzzards seem to fall prey themselves to low-flying dangers such as vehicles.

Finally the eagle nurtures its young through gentleness, attentiveness, and tough love to help it learn to survive as a proud member of the eagle family.  Buzzards tend to follow the parenting behavior of other birds where the young are encouraged to leave the nest around 5 months of age.

Just like eagles and buzzards, people have some good common traits that can promote and “ok” life.  A better life might be had if we follow the finer differences of the eagle.


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