Mama Bears and Stallions


Sometimes in life a woman just has to be like a mama bear and a man has to be like a stallion or “stud horse” as we like to say in the rural deep South.  There are things in life that are rightfully ours and we need to have the gumption to take care of it and keep it – like mama bears and stallions.

As our society has become more controlled by the governmental deep state, often we yield to that and don’t even consider our right to protect, keep, and care for our God-given blessings.  And as we yield, we support more and more being taken away from us.  We just go along, thinking that is normal.

One blessing that we let someone take care of is our health.  We let pharmaceutical companies and health insurance dictate to medical staff what to diagnose and what treatments to use.  They are so brainwashed that they are afraid to do much to older folk for fear of a lawsuit.  We are afraid to not spend a lot on health insurance because we are supposed to get sick as we get old.  Where is the self-determination to take care of our health and use God-care as in old-time home remedies from stuff He created?

Another blessing that we yield to other’s control is our various items of property – houses, vehicles, clothes, etc.  We have developed a societal mindset that all is disposable and temporary – just check out what you buy from dollar stores and Wal-Mart.  What about taking care of furniture that has been passed down through multiple family generations – and having great pride in doing so? 

When we view the things in our lives as temporary and disposable, we also are giving them less value.  That mindset about things eventually transfers to a mindset about people.  Just look at the states that are so ready to kill an unborn child at any point in development up to exit from the womb.

I intend to be a mama bear about what is mine – I hope that more of you will also.


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