Notes from the Mayor Feb. 6, 2020


We start January with the most activity of improvements in Quitman since 2008. We will complete the final sewer project to eliminate, or greatly reduce, infiltration of ground and storm water from the northwest side south to Hickory Street. This area has faced sewer problems and flooding which has affected our Junior High School for years.

Health department requirements of having two wells from the same aquifer will be met this year. A test well drilled next to the North Jackson well, from the Sparta aquifer, has shown it will provide the same quality of water as given by the well at our Harris Ave. site. We are rebidding the project having received only one bid. State guidelines require two or more.

Work should begin soon on the permanent repair of the road and culvert on Hwy. 512 by the artesian well. This area has washed out three times since 2012 and the damage has increased each time. An area on Harris Avenue will also be repaired that was damaged in the 2018 storm. Much of the area that was damaged will have new riprap installed to reduce washouts.

The repair on W. Franklin by Hardee’s Restaurant and the paving of Railroad Ave. have been completed. Additional work continues from the 2018 December storm damages with FEMA. The requirements and the change in personnel by FEMA make it extremely challenging to have claims honored. Had we not received the wonderful support of our state Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), many of our claims would have been denied.

Board approval to apply for a Hazard Mitigation Drainage project was given in January 2019. We have spent approximately $30,000 to fulfill requirements to secure this funding, and the work continues. We now know what is needed to greatly reduce the risks of flooding from storm waters and will be requesting MEMA funding to do the engineering designs. This is our most critical area of concern and the risks we face in the downtown as well as residential areas are well known.

The restrooms at our Sports Park will have a facelift with the addition of tile and stalls that will reduce the graffiti that is common during the summer. In addition, additional recreational equipment will be purchased for use near the concession stand. Andy and I will be meeting with the organizers of the youth baseball and softball programs to see what is needed.

The BTH bankruptcy continues to be a source of irritation for the City, but we may be nearing a decision soon. Each water/sewer customer will be receiving a survey from me asking for it to be filled out and returned as directed. These surveys are necessary to receive funding from the Community Development Block Grant program. Without these surveys, no funding will be available.