Bartee: Up Close and in Person with the Voters of Clarke County


Since the beginning of the month of March, Yvette Bartee has made it her business to become acquainted or reacquainted with the citizens of Clarke County.  Despite braving the hot weather and fighting the annoying clusters of bugs, week after week, month after month, Bartee and her team members have made great efforts to meet as many voters as possible within each community.  She knows the importance of making face-to-face contact with the voters of the county.  Whether by door-to-door canvassing, by Meet- the-Candidate forums at churches, or by other group meetings, voters are having opportunities to meet her up close and in person. Not only do voters get a chance to talk with her regarding her political platform for the office, but they also have given her opportunities to hear their thoughts and concerns as they relate to the Office of Circuit Clerk.  Bartee has made it her business to extend herself to the community and those efforts will be ongoing even after she is elected.

Recognizing that this office encompasses multiple duties and responsibilities that are vitally important to the voters of Clarke County, she has a clear understanding that this office has the ability to influence the empowerment of a people or the disenfranchisement of them by way of appropriate governance of those duties and responsibilities or the lack thereof.  Bartee is serious about this political venture and understands that it can no longer be “business as usual.”  She knows that Clarke County, at this appointed time, has a great opportunity not only to be the vehicle for change, but also to “be” the change that will bring forward-thinking choices necessary for the betterment and upward mobility of the county as a whole.  Bartee says, “The need for change is not always the byproduct of a discouraging or dark reflection of what was, but rather a time for growth, improvement, new ideas and a new way of doing things.” This is the message Bartee is conveying as she converses with the voters of Clarke County.  It is time for a vision that is inclusive of all citizens of Clarke County despite race, political party, religious affiliation, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation. 

Bartee and her team will continue to press forward, spreading her message, and making every effort to meet and greet the voters of Clarke County.  Vote August 6 to help elect YVETTE BARTEE to become Clarke County’s next circuit clerk. 


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