BREAKING NEWS: 911 Communications Compromised

An emergency Board of Supervisors meeting was held this afternoon to announce a major issue that has happened in our county.

Foreign hackers took control of all 911 dispatch records for the past eight years on Sunday night. The hackers are requesting a $10,000 ransom within 7 days of Tuesday, July 14. The 911 communications server was wiped clean and the information was encrypted.

Every 911 call that has been made, every traffic stop, and any information that has come into the communications center has been compromised. This also includes any personal information of anyone who has had any contact with dispatch in the last eight years. This personal information could include names, addresses, phone numbers, license information and social security numbers.

This also has compromised the fire department paging system. All fire department pagers are down.

Sheriff Todd Kemp called in the Federal Bureau of Investigations in this matter. The FBI arrived this morning to start the investigation.

More to come.