Clarke County Airport appoints new board


The Clarke County Airport has been without a full governing board since August 2019, but issues have recently been resolved.

Last year, the airport manager, Kim Scarbourgh, and two airport board members, Moses Evans and William Butler, approached the Board of Supervisors with issues concerning the airport board and the lack of governing authority to make needed decisions for the airport. Supervisor Attorney Greg Snowden also presented to the board that the contract between the county and the City of Quitman expired many years ago and that it needed to be updated.

After many months of discussion, the City of Quitman voted in their April 7, 2020, board meeting to not be a part of the airport any longer due to funds. The Supervisors met April 8th to resign the updated contract and appoint new board members at the will and pleasure of the board.

Members include:

District 1 – Moses Evans

District 2 – Greg Terrell

District 3 – Glenn Cook

District 4 – Ken Yates

District 5 – William Butler

Pictured are Clarke County Airport Board Members are Moses Evans, Glenn Cook, Gregory Terrell, William Butler and Ken Yates.