Clarke County has new air ambulance

PHI Air Medical is the new air ambulance service that can help with emergencies in Clarke County. They intend to familiarize first responders with the proper safety procedures required when bringing the helicopter in.

The group conducted  training on landing zones to multiple departments at Clarkdale Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday, June 11. They discussed the proper procedures with the departments and explained the appropriate safety measures that must be taken any time a helicopter is called in to a scene. PHI then allowed the group to practice calling in the helicopter to land to familiarize them more with the procedure. Once the helicopter arrived, participants were able to observe it up close and ask questions.

The company has a membership that anyone can pay for as insurance in case of an emergency that would require a person to be airlifted. The benefits of the membership include paying a yearly fee that would cover the cost of transport any time a person or anyone in the household has to be airlifted if there is an accident. Anyone who has health insurance would pay $30 for an individual membership fee or $50 for the whole household, including up to three people living under the same roof that are not relatives. The fee is $100 for anyone who does not have health insurance. The insurance only covers transports made by PHI and is not applicable for other air ambulance services.

Anyone who would like to purchase a membership with the company can visit and follow the link to join.