Clarke County's Missing Persons

The last four weeks, The Clarke County Tribune has covered the seven unsolved murders in the county. This week, we will reprint the three missing persons from Clarke County in hopes of bringing forth any new information to help solve these cases. Law enforcement has exhausted all leads on these cases and welcome any information you may be able to give. Remember, if you call Crime Stoppers with information, it is completely anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward if the information leads to an arrest and conviction. Crime Stoppers is available 24/7 at 1-855-485-8477.

John William Arrington

A missing person report for John William Arrington was filed on June 30, 2020. An investigation into his disappearance revealed that the last known contact with Arrington was on Friday, September 14, 2018, at his father’s house on County Road 470. Law enforcement has spoken with everyone who would have possibly had contact with Arrington at that time and decided to search for him at his last known location.

In order to complete the search of the property, it was arranged for the GTR K9 Search Team to come and assist with the search.

“We wanted to search the property in case he didn’t wander out and had done something to himself,” explained Chief Deputy Barry White. “We had four dogs that are certified as cadaver dogs that came across the state to help. Eddie Ivy helped arrange the dogs to be here and helped coordinate the search. The EMA office is a great asset to this county, and that was proven again with this search.”

The GTR K9 Search Team assisted the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department; Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks; and Clarke County EMA in searching for Arrington on July 13, 2020. They were unable to locate Arrington during the search.

At this time, authorities have exhausted all leads and have eliminated all the locations they know that Arrington could have gone.

Blair Ivy

Alisha Lynn Blair Ivy, 25, of Quitman, MS, went missing October 28, 2018. Blair is 5’ 11” and around 150 lbs. 

Blair’s last known location was at a residence on Long Blvd. in Quitman Sunday, October 28, 2018. There have been no answers as to her whereabouts since. Her cell phone fell silent after that day.

At the time, Sheriff Todd Kemp called in every state agency he could and organized search parties for two weeks.

“I pulled all the stops on this deal,” said Kemp. “I called every agency in on this that I knew to call. We run down 100s of leads, and we interviewed several people. We searched every logging road we could find; not only us, but Emergency Management, the volunteer fire departments, Jones, Jasper and Lauderdale counties, and the Department of Homeland Security, every state and local agency we could get.”

Ivy’s phone last pinged off the Vossburg tower. The ping includes a 25 mile radius around the tower, which not only includes Clarke County, but Jasper and Jones counties as well.

“We searched in the Beaverdam area around the tower, and everywhere in Clarke, Jones and Jasper counties we could search,” stated Kemp.

Groups also searched the Chickasawhay River in Shubuta as well, but the river was high and nothing was located then or after it went down.

“We feel something bad has happened, no doubt, but what and who did it, we still don’t know,” added Kemp. “We haven’t had any new leads recently. We keep hoping that one person who does have knowledge, gives us something to go on. Call Crime Stoppers, us, or anyone, if you recollect anything strange going on down the road from your house that day. Let us know. If there is something out there we missed, we will be glad to go back and revisit it.”

Bruce Wayne Jacobs

The family of Bruce W. Jacobs, age 52, of Quitman, MS, is offering a $5000 CASH REWARD for information leading to his recovery. Bruce is 5’ 11”, weighs 170 lbs., and has blue eyes / blonde hair.

Mr. Jacobs works on the pipeline and was camped at Lake Arcadia Scissortail Campground in Edmund, OK. He last spoke to family members on June 13, 2020. On June 16, 2020, his truck (Red Ford F-250) was impounded, stuck on the railroad tracks just east of Indian Meridian Rd. near NE 23rd St. in Choctaw, OK. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

It’s possible he may have been trying to make his way from that location toward Lake Arcadia, but that is just a theory. He has a recognizable limp from a previous injury on his left side.

In July, volunteers with the OKCM Search & Rescue Team gathered to search for Jacobs, but did not find him. OKCM Search & Rescue looked around where his pickup was found. This is the third search the group has done since he went missing.

Brian Smith, State Coordinator for OKCM Search & Rescue, says Jacobs’ truck was found near the railroad tracks. Four-person teams searched two-miles stretches in every direction from where Jacobs’ pickup was found.

“Based on the condition and the weather – his condition and the weather – we feel like, if he stayed on the railroad tracks, 10 miles in either direction is the outside range of how far he probably could’ve walked,” Smith said.

Jacobs’ family announced on June 30 that they are offering a reward or information that leads to him being found.

If you see, have seen, spoken with, or know of Bruce’s whereabouts please call 911 or contact the Edmond Police Dept. at 405-359-4420.

If anyone has any information regarding these cases please contact the criminal investigation division at 601-776-5252 or the East Mississippi Crime Stoppers hotline 1-855-485-8477. The Crime Stoppers hotline is anonymous.


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