CoVID-19: Please Isolate

In a matter of 21 days, the corona virus has spread across Mississippi from one case to 937 and 20 deaths. As of press time Tuesday, Clarke County has four confirmed case in Clarke County, but it is presumed we have more that have not been tested. Testing is taking up to 7 days to confirm. A person could be a carrier of the virus and be spreading it without knowing.

“Please please stay home,” states Dr. Jack McHenry. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to isolate. This is the only way we will slow this down. Please stay on your property.”

In cooperation with the State and Federal 30 day extension of social distancing, the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department and the EMA are requesting your help in slowing the spread of the Coronavirus.

• Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.  No athletic events or other social gatherings.  Just because people are off work does not mean it is a time to gather for fun.  Please stay at home out of public groups if at all possible.

• Restrict visitation to long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes.

• Discretionary travel and social visits should be avoided.  Only travel when necessary for food or prescription purchases, medical treatment or emergency.

• Use drive-through, pickup and delivery options for local restaurants.

• If anyone in a household tests positive for the virus, everyone who lives there should stay home.  Self-isolate for at least 14 days.

Sheriff Todd Kemp requests that all citizens in Clarke County comply with these guidelines and continue to act accordingly.

Town of Shubuta

The Town of Shubuta passed a Resolution March 25, 2020, declaring a Civil Emergency, and for the Control of Contagious and Infectious Diseases, and related purposes. Emergency measures that shall take effect immediately and remain in effect until rescinded by the governmental authority of the Town of Shubuta. A city-wide curfew will be strictly enforced from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.

Persons should not be on the public street or in any public place unless it is for traveling to or from work, for emergency medical care and / or for medical personnel in the performance of their duties. First Responders, law enforcement and media personnel are exempt from this curfew.

This resolution is to protect the community.

Town of Stonewall

The Town of Stonewall met in a special session on Tuesday March 24, 2020, to set up guidelines for the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Town voted to follow all Federal and State guidelines. The following are guidelines for the citizens of Stonewall. All Federal and State guidelines supersede local guidelines.

• Town hall will be closed until the pandemic is canceled by Federal and State Authorities. If you need assistance from the town, please call 601-659-7033 on Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

• The ball fields, campsites, and pavilion will be closed until further notice.

• Garbage pickup will continue as normal.

• Guidelines for businesses will be handed out to local businesses.

• There is an emergency curfew 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.

  Exemptions: people traveling to and from work, any essential personnel such as medical/emergency, etc.

There will be increased police patrol.

• Please consider the following ways to pay your water bill:

a. Leave a check or money order in the drop box. Please identify your account by account number, address, or customer name.

b. Pay online at If you need your account number, please call 601-659-7033.

c. Mail a check or money order to

Town of Stonewall

P.O. Box 1059

Stonewall, MS 39363

d. We can now accept credit card payments over the phone.

We do not take our citizens for granted; we are here to help each other in this time of crisis.

H.C. Watkins

H.C. Watkins Hospital has locked down the facility with access only through the Emergency Department entrance.  The cafeteria has been closed for public access.  No visitors are allowed at this time, with some exceptions.

Medical Group

The Medical Group of Quitman is screening all patients at the front door for temperature and symptoms. If they are at risk for being a Covid-19 patient, we have a hotline in Meridian for them to call at 601-703-9913 and they are not to enter the building.  No visitors are allowed and if they are an essential visitor, we screen them as well.  We have also started offering telehealth, via telephone or through Zoom, for our already health compromised patients or anyone else that is uncomfortable coming into the building at this time. 

“Please remember that if you are off work, PLEASE stay at home, away from other people, except when absolutely necessary to seek medical attention, get medications or food/groceries,” says Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy. “Limiting exposure is the only way to flatten the curve. Stay safe. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself to help with maintaining a good work/life balance.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health’s website is a primary resource for information on coronavirus.  If you have additional questions, you are also encouraged to call the MSDH COVID-19 hotline, 877-978-6453.

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