The East Mississippi Regional Library Share Some Social Distancing Activites

The East Mississippi Regional Library system is doing a variety of different things to help the community and still allow social distancing.

One of the great things, that the library is doing is encouraging citizens to take photos and submit them to be posted on the library Facebook and Instagram pages. The photos do not have to be professional and can be pictures of things such as the outdoors, flowers, food, books, and any other appropriate items that can represent and inspire others while everyone is quarantined at home. All photos will be posted with credit to the photographer unless the photographer requests to remain anonymous. In order to submit photos, either send it to the East Mississippi Regional Library through Facebook messenger or send an email to

Although the library is closed to the public, it is offering free e-books through Overdrive/Libby. Anyone can obtain a free instant digital library card by going to and providing a phone number.

Until further notice, the library system will be fine free, so anyone is able to check out free audio and e-books online.

In order to help students complete the assignments they are receiving online, they have free open wifi around the perimeters of the building. Citizens must use the wifi while remaining in their vehicles.

The library is constantly posting different projects on its Facebook page for people to do while isolated in their homes. Anyone who is bored or trying to find something to do with energetic children can go look at the different ideas that are posted and try them out at home.