East MS HUB information available for volunteers

Nonprofit groups depend on volunteers in order to successfully help the community. Sometimes it can be difficult to recruit and keep up with the volunteer, though. In order to help nonprofit groups and help promote volunteerism in the community there is a great organization that both groups and volunteers are able to take part in: the East Mississippi HUB for Volunteers and Nonprofits.

The hub for East Mississippi is housed in the United Way of East Mississippi office and is under the direction of Casey Culpepper.  Casey is the regional director for Lauderdale County, Clarke County, Kemper County, Newton County, Neshoba County, and Jasper County. She already has multiple nonprofit groups in Lauderdale County listed on the network, and she recently came to Clarke County in order to learn more about the local nonprofit organizations and their needs.

“I am glad to be the hub director for East Mississippi! I began this journey in March of this year,” explained Casey. “I enjoy this position because I am passionate about bringing people together for the greater good. I truly believe we are stronger together, and that is how we make change happen.”

Although she hasn’t been working with the network long, she has already helped accomplish a great deal in Lauderdale County through the network.

“Starting this program at the beginning of COVID-19 was challenging, but by being flexible and working through it, the framework for the East Mississippi hub was completed, and I was able to recruit volunteers for the unique COVID-19 initiative of helping with the Lauderdale County School District’s Grab and Go Meal Deliveries that took place in May. We had 15 churches get involved, approximately 75 volunteers help, and had 4,875 meals delivered,” stated Casey. “I also assisted ExtraTable in coordinating deliveries of pallets of free milk from Borden to several nonprofits in Meridian with United Way, helped implement a book drive to benefit students of Meridian Public School District and Lauderdale County School District, and helped create a care package delivery initiative for the at-risk population in Lauderdale County.”

Casey is very interested in being able to help the nonprofits in Clarke County in the same way. Nonprofit groups in the area are able to register with the hub and share details of all the projects they have arranged, and the hub helps promote those organizations and projects through various multimedia strategies. The projects are also listed on the hub’s website for volunteers to sign up for.

The hub is free for both nonprofit organizations and volunteers to join, and it is very user friendly. Citizens who wishes to volunteer are able to register on the network and selects the different types of skills, abilities, and interests they have. The network is then able to help match volunteers to the different nonprofit groups available that match the information that was provided.

“It’s very efficient and streamlined,” stated Casey. “We help get volunteers for projects that are already organized. We also have an option that allows volunteers to be notified of volunteer opportunities in an emergency, such as cleaning up after a natural disaster has come through the area.”

Volunteers would schedule times and sign up to assist in the multiple opportunities on the site, and the network is able to track and keep up with all of the volunteer hours. This makes it much easier for nonprofit organizations to maintain accurate record keeping for those who assist in the different projects.

Any organization or volunteers that would like to participate in the hub can go to EastMSHub.org or contact Casey Culpepper at 601-678-2413 oreastmsvolunteerhub@gmail.com.