Enterprise hit by tornado


Wednesday night brought destruction to the county as an EF-2 tornado barreled through the Enterprise and Basic City communities. The tornado damaged over 70 structures and created a mass amount of debris that road crews are still working on. With all of the damage caused, the county is blessed to have no injuries or deaths reported. Emergency officials responded to the damaged areas as quickly as they could amidst the damage to help various citizens as soon as the tornado has passed through.

The citizens of Clarke County have always been loving and willing to lend a helping hand, and the community has once again shown what makes Clarke County a great place to live. On Thursday at sunrise when people were able to go assess the property damage, citizens from all over the county came out to help with whatever needed to be done. Different businesses and churches have made donations to help the multiple families who are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm. School groups and average citizens are also coming out to help clean up debris and try to restore properties as much as they can.

“The community has been amazing coming together to help those affected by the storms,” stated Emergency Management Directory Eddie Ivy. “They have been coming out to help with the cleanup and have helped by providing those affected with meals and drinks.”

The tornado also managed to knock out power for over 1700 residents. While community members worked on clearing up tons of debris, the power companies stayed busy trying to restore power to all the homes that could handle it.

“The power company has done an amazing job restoring power,” said Ivy. “The tornado came through at around 11:30 on Wednesday night, and the power company had restored power for all the houses that could handle it by Saturday night.”

Although progress has been made, there is still a great deal of debris to be cleaned up. Thanks to all the emergency responders, law enforcement, road workers, utility companies, fire departments, and to the amazing citizens in the county for supporting and assisting all those who have been affected by the storm.

Anyone who has any damage that still needs to be reported should contact Clarke County Emergency Management at 601-776-2256.