EWC at the Enterprise Confederate Cemetery

On a warm spring day in April of 2012, The Enterprise Woman’s Club held the dedication and unveiling ceremony for the long-planned monument for the Confederate Cemetery. The marker lists the names of 219 soldiers buried in the cemetery between 1861-1864.  These names, found in the National Archives records in Washington, D.C. were soldiers from the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, and Texas. The following year, 13 flagpoles were erected, and another dedication ceremony was held.  A flag honoring each state with a soldier buried in the cemetery, was raised.

Flags had been flown year-round until the night of February 5, 2020 when the Town of Enterprise and surrounding areas were devastated by at least two tornados. Thankfully, no lives were lost but the damage was devastating.

The Enterprise Cemetery and the Confederate Cemetery were not spared.  The Cemetery lost many trees, markers were damaged, and debris was extensive. The individual Confederate markers and the Confederate Memorial marker were untouched.  But this was not so for the flagpoles and flags. Thanks to the Enterprise Volunteer Fire Dept, the flags had been recovered, but the flagpoles had been destroyed. 

After many months of clean-up, the cemetery again looks as peaceful as it once did.  Many of the old oaks, cedars, and dogwoods are gone.  Some of the older markers are leaning, some fallen over.  Large tree roots are still waiting to be removed.  But the Confederate Cemetery now has its flags flying again.

On Confederate Memorial Day, April 23, as in years past, members of the Enterprise Woman’s Club placed Confederate Flags on the grave of each Confederate Soldier.  And this year, for the first time since the devastation of the tornado, they were able to raise the state flags on the newly replaced flagpoles.

Once again the Enterprise Woman’s Club is inviting friends and patrons to visit the cemetery and see the many improvements made to maintain the beauty of the site located on North Street in the Town of Enterprise.