JCJC Open House


Jones County Junior College held an open house ceremony on Thursday, September 19. Members of the community were able to come out to meet the new staff of the college and witness what the college is all about. Everyone was able to come and witness both the petroleum and welding classes at work. The welding class even made two great tailgate grills that were raffled off during the event.

While most people only think of petroleum classes and welding when they see the JCJC branch in Stonewall, Reggie Richardson let everyone know that the campus offers so much more.

“We have a variety of opportunities to help the community and all of Clarke County here,” explained Reggie Richardson. “We have a new computer class starting up in October. We will be having our CDL truck driving classes starting up in January. We will also offer Intermediate Algebra, English Composition I, Psychology, and Western Civilization I.”

The JCJC campus is a great asset to both Quitman and Enterprise School Districts and has partnered with each school. Students from both high school campuses attend the college during the week to take advantage of the high school equivalency classes that are offered for both petroleum and welding.

The college also has free adult basic education classes, previously known as GED classes. Anyone from the community is able to benefit in the adult education classes. They only need to register for the classes ahead of time. Ms. Toni Cook teaches the class and would love to see more students enrolling.

The college is also offering different community classes at various times. They have already hosted a painting class called Serendipity on Tuesday, September 24. The community classes only have a small fee, and the college would like to continue to offer different classes for community involvement.

The great education that the college provides and how it benefits the community is most appreciated by the high school students who are attending the college.

Two Petroleum Engineering students gave their thoughts about the petroleum classes and what they do.

“I’m taking the Petroleum Engineering class here at JCJC,” explained Tyler Hines. “We are learning about how to run a crane, what to do out in the work force in the oil field, on pipelines, and on oil rigs. Today we got to run a crane, we got to drop it through cones, learn how to run our tag lines, and our signals for the crane. It’s a great experience to have, and we should have some other kids come up here and do it.”

“I take the Petroleum Engineering class, and what I’ve learned so far is how to run a crane and the different safety measures needed,” stated Anthony Evans.

There were also two welding students who were excited to say what they think about the welding class they are taking.

“I like taking the welding class, because we learn a lot of different things. The class is fun,” commented Je’Quvorrus Jones.

“I take the welding class up here at JCJC. We’re learning how to do vertical welding and lay down beads,” explained Noah Covington. “We’ve been working on making the grills. More than likely, we’ll start learning how to do overhead welding in about a month.”

The students have only had positive things to say about the high school equivalency classes they are taking.

Come take advantage of the different programs that JCJC in Stonewall has to offer!


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