Local Hunters Snag Huge Alligator

Local hunters caught and killed a huge alligator around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, August 29, 2020.

Kyle Busby, Jerry Smith (Honky Tonk), LeAnn Volking, Rene Mercon-Garcia, and Jody Busby were hunting the Pearl River in Columbia close to the Highway 35 bridge when they spotted the gator.

“We were floating down the river using the troller motor and saw the eyes with a light,” stated Kyle Busby. “It slid into the water, and we hooked it with a rod and real. It went straight to the bottom, so we reeled up to it and dropped a stronger hook and started to pull it up to the surface.”

Once the crew managed to get the gator to the surface, they had the struggle of getting it into the boat with them. Overall, it took them an hour and a half to pull the gator in the boat.

The gator ended up being 12 feet 8 inches long. The tailgate was 38 inches, and the belly girth was 53.5 inches. It weighed in at 565 pounds.

Front row: Kyle Busby and Jody Busby. Back row: LeAnn Volking, Rene Mercon-Garcia, and Honky Tonk


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