McFarland Retires After 17 Years

After 17 years of faithful work in the Town of Shubuta, James McFarland has retired. The residents in Shubuta will recognize James as the kind person who read meters, did the grass work, and even fixed water leaks occasionally.

“James was a good, dedicated, hard-working employee. He’s going home now to enjoy his life to the fullest,” stated Town Clerk Diane Brown. “I was here before James got here, and I said to myself that they’re getting a hardworking man when they hired him. He lived up to those expectations, and we are really going to miss him.”

James was a great asset to the town, and his dedication and hard work weren’t restricted to his daily tasks. He did whatever he could to help emergency responders as well.

“He helped the fire department because when we had a fire, he went down and turned the pumps on,” stated Alderman Butch Jenkins. “That was a big deal because our line didn’t collapse on us while we were fighting fires. We really appreciated that.”

Now that he is retired, Mr. McFarland intends to rest and work around the house.

“I’m going to do a lot of yard work around the house now,” explained James.

Although he will no longer be working for the town, James does love his town and is very appreciative for the time he was able to work there.

“I just want the town to know that I appreciate everything that they’ve done for me,” stated James.

Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement James McFarland!