One Mamas Birth Experience Gives Her a Passion for Service


Brittany Farris wants women to know that they have a lot of options when it comes to giving birth, “Everybody has different ideas about their birthing experience and I want moms to know that they can make choices for a more personal experience,” explains Brittany, who is a certified doula.  A doula is a support person trained to provide support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.  The support a doula provides is physical, emotional, and informational. 

Brittany is a mother of three children, ages 10, 9, and 2. “I had a non-medicated natural birth with my second child.  Then, I chose to have a home birth with my third child.  It was a great experience,” says Brittany.  She used a doula at the birth and was inspired to offer the same services to other women, “I saw the difference having a doula made at birth.  It was empowering to have her with me.  I wanted to offer that to other families, so I took a 12-week training and became a doula.”

Women contact Brittany at various times during their pregnancy, some while they are planning to get pregnant and others right before they give birth.  Brittany meets with the clients and discusses their birthing expectations.  “I like to meet my clients once or twice before the birthing process.  It helps us get comfortable with each other so that I can offer support during the birth,” explains Brittany.

The services of a doula can be used regardless of where the birth takes place or the type of birth.  Brittany has numerous clients in the Hattiesburg and Meridian area.  “I want to offer more services to Clarke County in the way of birth classes and offering support to families as they get ready to welcome a baby to their family,” says Brittany. 

Brittany is on-call for the birth starting at the 37-week mark and arrives as soon as the mother needs her, “My goal is to alleviate fear and anxiety during birth.  I want the mom to be supported in all of her decisions.  I get to pamper mom and help her with how she is handling labor,” explains Brittany.  While the goal of the birthing process is a healthy mom and baby, Brittany says the experience is often dismissed, “Sometimes getting to the end of the process isn’t always the best because mom may feel like she wasn’t supported or listened to during the labor process.  Mom’s needs can get pushed out of the way, but her needs are important.  I am able to be a bridge of communication between mom and the medical staff.” 

Brittany is a stay-at-home and offers her doula services through her web page,  She has built her business one step at a time, “My husband and family have been very supportive of my passion for assisting women during birth.  I have grown my business slowly and learned a lot along the way.  It can take a lot emotionally to participate in someone’s birth, but at the end of it when the baby is born and put on mom’s chest, it’s a great moment to see mom and dad’s face!  It means so much to me,” says Brittany.

In addition to the birthing services, Brittany also visits with mom following the birth, “I like to check in on mom and see if she has any questions and talk through the experience.  I also offer breastfeeding and postpartum support.”  Brittany works with her clients on pricing and payment plans, “It’s my goal to be sure that every woman who wants the services of a doula will be able to get that support,” explains Brittany.