Operation Spring Cleaning: Sweeping out the drugs


Law officials were busy last week doing Operation Spring Cleaning.

The CID unit began investigating criminal activity involving the illegal use of drugs around six months ago. As part of the investigation, undercover operatives worked throughout the county and were able to purchase drugs from different violators.

After completing the investigation, warrants were executed on Monday, March 9.

“We called it Operation Spring Cleaning,” said Sheriff Todd Kemp. “We will hopefully make communities in Clarke County a safer place to live and raise our children.”

Sheriff Kemp is concerned about the drug use in the area and the effect that it will have in the future.

“We thought the opioid crisis was bad, but the crystal meth crisis is worse. We’re seeing it all throughout the county, and it’s a plague on all of our communities in East Mississippi and West Alabama,” explained Kemp. “It’s killing people, and it’s our job to get this stuff off the street because it’s going to filter down to our children.”

Anyone who knows about the manufacture, possession, or sell of any narcotics should contact local law enforcement 601-776-5252 or call Crime Stoppers 1-855-485-8477 and report it.

“It’s serious business. My concern is it filtering down to our children,” stated Kemp. “This is not just our fight. This is a community fight.

The following have been arrested in Operation Spring Cleaning for illegal drug activity:

Christopher M. Thames: Bond set at $12,500; 1x to sale illegal narcotics, 2x sale crack cocaine, hold for narcotics

Daniel Earl Conner: Bond set at $5,000; sale of marijuana within 1500 ft. of a church

Brian Marquise Knighten: Bond set at $5,000; sale of crack cocaine within 1500 ft. of a church,, hold for CID

Jacolyn T. Peters: misdemeanor; possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, hold for CID

Tory E. Miller: Bond set at $25,000; sell of controlled substance x3, possession of meth, possession of crack, warrant receiving stolen property, hold for investigation

Ronald Jerome Milsap: Bond set at $5,000; sale of crack cocaine within 1500 ft. of a church

William John Stallings: Bond set at $5,000; possession of meth, felony, hold for CID

Alandus M. Conner: Bond set at $22,500; 2 cts. Sale of methamphetamine within 1500 ft. of a church, 1 ct. sale crack cocaine within 1500 ft. of a church, hold for CID, MDOC hold

William Grady Stallings: bond set at $5,000; possession of meth, hold for CID

Lynda Bester: Bond set at $12,500; 3x conspiracy to sell illegal contraband

Brittany Koch: misdemeanor; possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.