Pachuta welcomes Wood South


The Town of Pachuta now has a new sawmill, which started operation mid-October. The mill is owned by Mark Snowden and Winn Alexander.

“We can be a sawmill for pine and hardwood,” stated Snowden, “but we’re hoping we can do majority pine.”

The new mill offers great opportunities and jobs for those in Pachuta and the surrounding areas. Anyone who is interested in selling pines from property now has a place to go. It has also created jobs and uses about 10-12 people each day.

The mill is designed to produce about 50,000 board feet of lumber per shift.

“We can run about ten truck loads a day on logs,” said Snowden.

The mill produces larger dimension lumber and primarily focuses on those sized 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12. The majority of the lumber is shipped in the Southeast, but there are a few exports.

The mill has a use for every part of the timbers that are brought in, including the waste by-products.

“All of our waste products are turned into chips and sold to some of the surrounding paper mills to use however they need to,” stated Snowden.

The mill is a great asset to the town and surrounding communities and is doing a great job.


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