Person of the Week: Blaine Parker


Outgoing. Humble. Kind. Athletic. Intelligent. These are only a few of the words that describe Blaine Parker.

Blaine is a senior at Enterprise High School, and he loves to participate in multiple events at his school. Every Friday, Blaine leads the Bulldogs out on the football field before the games. He is the football manager and baseball manager, showing his love of sports. As football manager, he gets to take a picture with the winner of the Mad Dawg stick every week. He also plays challenger league baseball and Golden Spikes baseball and participates in the Special Olympics where he really enjoys the horse riding.

His love for the Bulldogs runs deep. Blaine is a huge MSU fan as well. Once he graduates in May of 2020, Blaine intends to go to MSU to further his education.

Sports aren’t the only things that Blaine excels in. He is also a member of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and the SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Recently, he and the other SADD members made a donation to Creature Comforts to show support for an organization they believe in.

Blaine enjoys both reading and math. In the classroom, he is the official dojo point’s person. He is in charge of giving points to his classmates for their good behavior and puts their points into the computer to keep up with them. Every morning, Blaine enlightens his class by sharing news updates with them.

Outside of school, Blaine has even more interests and talents. One of the things Blaine enjoys outside of school has finally come back in season. “I like to hunt deer,” stated Blaine.

He also enjoys scary stuff and joins in with his best friend, Grant Goodman, by putting on scary masks in class to scare his classmates and teachers. He is looking forward to the Senior Halloween Party at Grant’s house this year where he will get to go on the haunted hay ride and enjoy a DJ and games.

Although he enjoys the scares of Halloween, Blaine’s favorite holiday is Christmas. He loves video games and really wants to get MBA 20 for Christmas this year.

When it comes to Blaine, his teacher gives the best description of his personality and character.

“Blaine is a very professional young man. He loves to keep things intact and stay on course,” said Anita Jones-Lowery. “One thing I can say about Blaine is he loves being part of the Bulldog family. He loves to support his football boys and baseball guys. Blaine is a very smart and hard-working young man.”