Person of the Week: Coach Gore


“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” (unofficial creed).

If there is one person who embodies the unofficial creed of the postal service, it would be Coach Gary Gore.

“I didn’t know Coach Gore personally, but he greeted me for years every morning on the sidewalk while delivering mail. I will say this about him; he was very dedicated to his job. When Hurricane Katrina hit that Monday morning, he was walking Main Street in the storm delivering mail, as bad as it was,” reminisced Jennifer Bozeman. “I wished so bad I had stopped long enough to take a photo of him doing his duty of serving the citizens of Quitman in the middle of a hurricane, even though no businesses were open that morning.”

Coach Gore didn’t start off working with the postal service. In fact, he met his wife of 40 years while they were both teaching at Quitman.

After graduating college in 1968, Coach Gore spent one year coaching football at Canton High School before moving to Atlanta, GA, to coach for another five years. In 1974, he came and coached at Quitman for six years and then spent two years coaching in Waynesboro.

He only coached 14 years for a living before leaving the teaching profession. He did not end his coaching, though. Coach Gore continued to coach at Quitman as a volunteer for 29 more years.

“I did it because I enjoyed it,” said Coach Gore.

While working with students, Coach Gore tried to teach the students about more than just football.

“Dealing with the kids, I learned it wasn’t about me,” stated Gore. “It was about them and how I could help them. It wasn’t only about how to help them win the ball games, but also the life lessons.”

It was 1982 when he started his job with the postal service, and he worked there for 37 years before retiring on August 9, 2019. Working with the postal service has been his favorite job, and he was great at it.

“I loved my job. I never dreaded getting up to come to work every morning,” said Gore. “I enjoyed being able to have constant contact with everyone.”

His love for his job definitely shined through for anyone who had the pleasure of seeing him on his route. He truly cared for everyone he came in contact with and made a point to speak to and offer encouragement to everyone around.

“He has a big heart for everyone. He always has a smile and seems happy,” stated Mrs. Alicia Ivy. “He has a big heart for animals too and spoils them. He even went home and built a dog house for a dog that stayed outside. You could just tell that he loved what he did.”

Coach Gore definitely spoiled the dogs on his mail route. He made sure to carry treats with him every day and would make sure to give one to every pet he saw. Some of the dogs learned his schedule and would be waiting every day for him to arrive and get upset if they didn’t see him.

With the kindness and love he has shown everyone and all of the things he has accomplished while working with the postal service, Coach Gore has an overwhelming sense of humility and attributes any accomplishments to the Lord.

“I’ve been able to talk with a lot of people about their faith and assist them in trusting the Lord as their Savior,” said Gore. “There’s nothing important about me. I just hope that I can be a witness, not only in what I say, but also in what I do.”

Now that Coach Gore has officially retired, he’s taking life as it happens.

“I don’t really have an agenda,” said Gore.

In fact, since he’s retired, he has mainly been doing different things around the house that he can see needs to be done and has been going to the wellness center in Waynesboro.

His love for everyone around him radiates in what he says and does. When asked what the best advice he can give is, Coach Gore’s answer goes perfectly with the lifestyle he has shown to everyone around him.

“Life is real short. The best thing people can do is trust in the Lord, because they’re going to spend an eternity somewhere: either in heaven or hell,” advised Gore. “The best thing they can do is trust in the Lord so they can have a chance.”


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