Public Library Programs and Services


Located in the back of the Quitman Public Library, Matt Gulley is the director over six libraries in the East Mississippi Regional Library system. With school back in session, the different programs and services that our public libraries have to offer can be especially beneficial for every generation in the public.

Around the first of the month each month, Quitman Library has an art program that it hosts where participants paint different types of art.

“We just started a few months ago, and we’re packed out every time,” said Matt Gulley.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the Art Program should come to Quitman Public Library and complete a registration form so that the library can anticipate how many people will show up.

“It’s typically for adults,” said Gulley. “We’re trying to get into some children’s art too.”

There are also certain days that the public library will host children’s story times. Children will come to the library and have a story time, or sometimes the librarians go to the different schools to read to the students there.

Every summer, the library hosts a Summer Reading Program where there are different scheduled events about once a week that can include story time, crafts, and even music.

Outside of the different programs the public libraries have to offer the public, there are also some free services that the public can use, such as checking out different book, checking out DVDs, or simply using the computers.

“In all our libraries, except Stonewall so far, we have gotten C-Spire fiber,” stated Gulley. “The internet is a lot faster than what we’ve had in the past, so all our patrons should see a difference.”

For those who are blind or struggle with bad eyesight, the public libraries also have different services to help. They have large print books and have a federal program called Talking Book Services, which sends a device and the reader can select audio books to listen to. If anyone needs to use Talking Book Services, contact Matt Gulley or a local librarian to complete a sign-up form for the free services.

In addition to the traditional services of checking out books, the libraries also offer copy, fax, scan, and laminating services. These services do have a small price that tends to just cover the cost of the service.

Although all events at the public libraries are free, donations are still welcome.

According to Gulley, “Anybody who receives any kind of state funding has been cut the last couple of years.  It is pretty tough right now.  Any kind of support we can get, whether it’s financial or advocacy or anything like that going out there helping us continue the services and programs we provide, we do appreciate that and really want that support of the community.”

If anyone would like to donate to the libraries, the libraries do accept check or cash. A letter or memo will need to be included if there is a specific program the donation is meant for.

The libraries will also accept any book donations anyone has to give and will place the books wherever they are needed most, whether it is on the shelves, sent somewhere else, or given away.

The public libraries in our areas have so much to offer.  The community should check out and support the local libraries in our East Mississippi Regional Library system.

Bay Springs Municipal Library

2747 HWY 15/ PO Drawer N

Bay Springs, MS 39422


Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-6:30

Wednesday 7:30-6:00

Enterprise Public Library

500 River Road/Ritchey St.

Enterprise, MS 39330


Hours: Monday-Thursday 12:00-5:00

Mary Weems Parker Memorial Library

1016 N Pine Ave.

Heidelberg, MS 39439


Hours: Monday-Thursday 1:00-6:00

Saturday 9:00-1:00

Pachuta Public Library

15357 HWY 11 North/ PO Box 189

Pachuta, MS 39347


Hours: Monday-Thursday 1:00-6:00

Quitman Public Library

116 Water St.

Quitman, MS 39355


Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00-6:30

Wednesday 7:30-6:00

Stonewall Public Library

PO Box 700/801 S. Erwin Rd.

Stonewall, MS 39363


Hours: Monday-Thursday 1:00-6:00

Look to meet the librarians in future newspaper editions.


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