Running a Business and Fulfilling a Dream


The American mom is often a testimony to hard work and a can-do attitude that defies the logic of time and ability, and as an American mom, Leigh Goldman is no exception.  This mama works almost full-time hours in the healthcare field where she uses her X-ray degree to perform X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans on patients.  She also runs a local boutique, Threads, located at 109 East Donald Street, Suite 5.  In addition, she has two young daughters, ages 7 and 2.  As if that wasn’t enough, Leigh has another dream she wants to see fulfilled, “When I neared high school graduation, I wanted to become a teacher, but everyone suggested going into the medical field, so I did.  I’ve had a fulfilling career in the medical field, but I’ve always wanted to get my bachelor’s degree in elementary education,” explains Leigh.  So, this past fall, Leigh began an 18-month intensive course to get her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at USM, “The courses are hybrid courses, so they are both on-line and on campus.  I am really enjoying it!” 

Leigh’s schedule as a mama, entrepreneur, employee, and full-time student keeps her juggling time, “I rarely watch television.  There just isn’t time, but I couldn’t do what I do without the help of my family.  They help out a lot and allow me to be able to do all that I do,” says Leigh.  She admits she has always been a hard worker, “I keep a lot on my plate, but I always have.  Getting an additional degree opens up opportunities for me and I’m at a point where I’m ready to do this,” says Leigh.

Her boutique business is more of a passion than work, “I love it.  It honestly doesn’t feel like work and I would do it full-time if I could.  My goal is to focus on customer service.  I like the boutique because it is personable.  It’s not like going in a department store where no one recognizes you.  I want our customers to feel welcome, not like they are being judged,” explains Leigh.  She admits some trepidation in opening up a new business in a small town, “I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I worked my way through college at boutiques, so I had experience with it and I had a flea market booth one time, but the boutique was a big step.” 

Leigh has had success with her business, “We’ve been busy and everyone has been supportive.  I love to see repeat customers,” says Leigh.  Her boutique focuses on clothes that are cute, but affordable, “I want to have clothes in my shop that working moms, single moms, and teenagers can afford.  I want everybody from all walks of life to feel comfortable in my boutique.  That’s important to me.” 

Behind the scenes, Leigh is always busy ordering clothes, restocking, and trying to find items that appeal to the community.  She also does her own bookkeeping, as well as, her husband’s bookkeeping work.  He owns Absolute PC, which is located next to her boutique space, “People are always telling him that he’ll have to give up his space, which is larger for my boutique,” laughs Leigh, “But for now, he’s insisting he was here first.” 

Leigh will finish up her degree in May of 2020.  In the meantime, she will juggle family commitments along with her dream of completing her degree in elementary education.  On the side, but as a passion, Leigh will operate Threads Boutique, “I love being at the shop.  It’s not even work to me.  I love the business,” says Leigh.