White Oaks Spring Church: Women in Hats, Men in Black

White Oaks Springs Baptist Church recently hosted a “Women in Hats and Men in Black” program in celebration of the 183rd church anniversary.

The church had its beginning in 1837 and has been rebuilt twice, first due to a fire in its early history and later in 1933 as a result of being destroyed by a tornado.

The service on February 9, 2020, was a festive event enjoyed by all in attendance. White Oak Springs Baptist Church’s choir opened the program with songs to lift the spirits of all the attendees.

Reverend David L. Edwards, pastor of the church, introduced the speaker, Rev. Spencer Richardson, IV, pastor of East Galilee Missionary Baptist Church. The guest choir rendered several gospel songs that were moving and deeply heartfelt. The church’s kitchen committee served a wonderful meal after the service.

The White Oak Springs Baptist Church members paid tribute to the church of the past, the present, and the future. Pastor Edwards shared his vision for the church and Rev. Spencer Richardson ended the service delivering a message of inspiration onto all who were there.

The White Oaks Springs Baptist Church family would like to thank all that were in attendance. The church’s mission statement is “Growing in Christ to be More Like Christ.”