Battle for the Texas Hospital Weekend events

The Battle for the Texas Hospital is this weekend at Archusa Creek Water Park.  Friday is designated School day, for children from 9 am to 12 noon, and on Saturday and Sunday all are welcome from 9 am to 5 pm.

Friday night we invite you to dine at Chefski’s with the re-enactors and enjoy the music of a Civil War era band The Sawmill Bluegrass Band.  Come out and show our visitors from around Mississippi and other states the warmth and hospitality of Clarke County.

Saturday will begin with a memorial Service on the Courthouse lawn at 9 am with a lying of a wreath at the monument, and then proceed as the re-enactors march to the Confederate Cemetery where another wreath will be placed and a cannon salute.  Saturday evening at 7 pm will be a Civil War era dance, so study up on your Virginia Reel!

After the Memorial Service Saturday, the event will move to Archusa Creek Water Park.  There will be a crowning of the first Miss Battle for the Texas Hospital.  Re-enactment of a battle will take place on Saturday and Sunday.  You will be able to interact and learn various things about the military and life during the Civil War with many re-enactors and historians from all over Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.  You will be able to watch several different demonstrations including military drills, encampment life, along with quilting, hand dipped candle making and more.

There will be several vendors including historian Greg Howell who will have his books available.  Historic Clarke County, Inc. will have raffle tickets on hand, both Saturday and Sunday, for you get on the chance to win a Black Powder 44 Cal. Colt Revolver replica on Sunday. 

How much history do you know about the War between the States?  Did you know the war was not just over slavery?  It was also about State Rights and territorial expansion of the United States.  We are not fully taught all of history in school or on the History channel.  Trust me, many things are left out because there is so much of it, and with time get buried, leaving us clueless about some things that took place in history.  I’m still learning as I come across information in my research, and thankful I like history so much.