Changes coming to Town of Stonewall garbage collection


Big changes are coming for the Town of Stonewall! The town has agreed to a contract with Waste Pro to pick up garbage beginning on February 1.

“The cost of basic maintenance for the town garbage truck was becoming too much,” explained Mayor Jerry Rich. “We had to pay to have it fixed almost every month. Signing the contract with Waste Pro is more cost effective for the town and doesn’t affect the garbage fees for any of the residents.”

There will not be any changes to the garbage fee for the residents of Stonewall; however, there will be a small business fee of $15.50 per month and a large business fee of $32.00 per month for the services. The town will continue to collect the garbage fee on the monthly water bills, and all new rates will appear on bills with the February 10 due date.

With a new company collecting garbage, the garbage pickup times will change. It will now be collected once a week instead of twice; the new pickup day will be Wednesday of each week, beginning at 7:00 a.m.

All residents in the community will be receiving a 95 gallon garbage cart in January. Waste Pro will provide the community with the first carts at no cost to the residents, but the carts will still belong to Waste Pro and must remain at the house if the resident ever moves. If a resident moves and does not leave the cart at the house it was assigned to, then that resident will be charged for the cart. Residents will need to place garbage bags inside the cart. There should be no loose garbage placed in the carts. Residents are asked to place the carts out by the road on the day for pickup and remove them once trash has been collected to reduce the risk of the cart being stolen or hit with an automobile. If garbage is not set out in time on the Wednesday pickup day, the truck will not return again to collect until the following scheduled week.

This is a big transition for the town, so residents will need to remain patient as the adjustments for the new garbage pickup are made.

“Overall, the new deal will benefit Stonewall,” stated Jerry Rich. “Now that our town workers are not having to collect garbage two days a week, they will have more time to work on the other needs in the community.”