Earn three hours credit in Baptist history

The Baptist Heritage Conference will meet on May 21 and 22 at Mississippi Baptist Bible Institute 217 Houston Road Laurel, MS. The course HI-133-Baptist History III will be offered in conjunction with the conference. This course is about Baptist history in America. The only classroom requirement will be to attend all six sessions of the conference during the two days it meets, May 21 and 22, and then complete assigned research and writing assignments to be turned in later in July. Though there is no cost for anyone attending the conference, for those signing up for HI-133-Baptist History III, regular tuition for the coursework is required, plus purchasing the textbook, America in Crimson Red by James Beller. Meals are provided at no charge for all attendees of the conference, including students, and overnight lodging, at no charge, is available on campus for attendees and students.  NOTE: THERE IS ONLY A TUITION CHARGE FOR THOSE WHO TAKE THE MBBI BAPTIST HISTORY COURSE. ATTENDING THE SESSIONS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE AT NO CHARGE.

For more info, contact Dr. Joseph Harris at jharris@msbiblinstitute.org or call or text 601-498-8418.