Jail Docket 10/24/19

• Terri Lynn Coleman, 37, arrested by CCSD for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

• Keith L. Carr, 58, arrested by CCSD for false pretenses

• Demetrius J. Clark, 38, arrested by CCSD and EPD for suspended driver’s license, possession of paraphernalia, no proof of insurance, hold for C-10 and D-5.

• Mikel Peter Carlson, 54, arrested by AG’s office and STPD for exploitation of a child x2, hold for AG’s office.

• Craig Carter, 49, arrested by QPD for DUI 1st.

• Corey Kell, 26, arrested by CCSD for warrant for 3rd degree arson.

• Belove Gaines, 25, arrested by CCSD for no tag, DUI.

• Teresa Ann Lugardo, 45, arrested by CCSD for disorderly conduct.

• John D. Jones, 49, arrested by CCSD and QPD for possession of a stolen firearm, petty larceny.

• Angela Gandy, 41, arrested by CCSD for contempt of court.

The arrest records are published weekly and information in the records is obtained directly from the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department Docket Book. Names of those arrested are not and will not be withheld by request or fee. The arrest docket book is public record and is permissible to view by the public.