Jones College offers free adult education

Adult Basic Education Class Individuals (also known as GED) may enroll in free ABE classes located in the Jones College Clarke County Learning Center in Stonewall. This program is designed to assist adults who do not have a high school diploma. Various levels of language arts, math, employability, and basic skills courses are offered to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a high school equivalency exam and beyond. All candidates are required to take a diagnostic test to determine their basic skills knowledge.  Classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For more information contact Toni Cook at 601-659-0622 or

Requirements to Enroll

* Must know your Social Security Number

* Must have a State-Issued Picture ID

* Must be at least 16 Years Old

* Students under 18 must submit official withdrawal letter from last High School attended and need a parent/guardian to attend the enrollment process to give consent.