Law enforcement, first responders answer 36 calls in a 12-hour period


Law enforcement and first responders had a busy weekend. From 5:00 p.m. on Saturday until 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the Sheriff’s Department responded to 36 calls.

“We were bombarded with calls ranging from loud music and domestic calls to everything else,” said Sheriff Todd Kemp.

One of the calls they responded to involved a wreck on Highway 45.

“Around 9:30, a wreck call came in from Highway 45 where a group of young people were travelling along the northbound side of Highway 45. A pickup truck travelling northbound on the same side of the highway collided with an ATV,” explained Kemp. “The side by side had malfunctioned and was being towed by the four-wheeler. When the pickup collided with the side by side, it flipped the ATV, ejecting the two passengers. The four-wheeler flipped also, injuring the driver. The driver of the pickup attempted to miss the side by side. He missed, but ended up flipping the pickup truck on the same side of the highway.”

One person was air lifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the others were also transported to the emergency room to assess injuries.

“All of them are very blessed not to have someone killed,” said Kemp.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is still conducting an investigation on the incident. The Sheriff’s Department and Quitman Police Department assisted the MHP.

Deputies were then called to an accident in the Pine Hill community south of Enterprise where an individual either fell or jumped out of a moving pickup truck, according to Kemp. “She had major trauma to her face and head. The helicopter was called back in to transport her to the emergency room in Jackson.”

Another call came in reporting shots fired on the interstate.

“Shots had been reported at one of the overpasses on I-59,” stated Kemp. “Deputies arrived on the scene but couldn’t find anything, so the suspect had left the scene before they could get there.”

There are also reports of ATVs that were stolen from a hunting camp off County Road 514. “We are currently investigating the theft at this time,” said Kemp. “If you have a tractor or any form of ATV, I encourage you do not leave it at a hunting camp where it’s easy for someone to steal. Take it home with you.”

If anyone saw anything suspicious around the hunting camp on Highway 514 in the past week, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at 601-776-5252.

These are only a few of the incidents that authorities and first responders had to respond to Saturday night. There were also other wrecks, fires, domestic violence calls, and a variety of other emergency calls coming in all night long.

“The natives are getting restless,” explained Kemp. “All they are able to do right now is stay home.”

Although everyone is tired of staying in, the community still needs to be cautious and stay safe when leaving home.