Person of the Week: Carolyn Pickens-Rogers


With a smile for everyone she meets, Carolyn Pickens-Rogers has a heart of gold and an optimistic attitude that offers encouragement to those around her.

She grew up in Clarke County in the Crandall Community. Her mother, Jessie B. Phillips was also raised in the Crandall Community, but her father, Mr. Randolph Napier came from nearby Melvin, AL. She has seven siblings, and all but one have continued to live in Clarke County. 

Mrs. Carolyn married Mr. Terry Rogers, Sr., who is from Enterprise. The couple only has one son, Terry Rogers II, who is a 10th grader at Quitman High School. When it comes to her only son, Mrs. Carolyn is extremely proud of his accomplishments, both on the football field and in the classroom with his academics. I had the privilege to meet Mrs. Carolyn last year and witnessed how seriously she takes education. She is actively involved with her young son’s life and provides him with the encouragement and discipline he needs to succeed long after he graduates.

Due to her love for education, Mrs. Carolyn has earned multiple degrees.

In 1984, she graduated from Quitman High School, and by 1986 she was graduating from JCJC and had earned her cosmetology license.

She did not end her education with cosmetology, though. In 1991 she graduated from MCC with dual degrees in Marketing Management and Technology and Computer Technology. 

In 1992, she decided again that she wanted to extend her education and went to the University of West Alabama as a business major.

When 2006 rolled around, Mrs. Carolyn decided it was time to further her education again and went back to MCC, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education in 2008.

Continuing her love for education, she managed to obtain a BS degree from MSU for social work.

Outside of going after her own education, Mrs. Carolyn worked at Quitman Lower Elementary for 16 years. In 2007, she implemented the idea to beautify the school.

“I can remember the overgrown and impacted little flower bed at the lower elementary under the letters of the school name, with most of them missing off the wall,” reminisced Mrs. Carolyn. “Myself and the other Ameri Corp members called around and got the different businesses in the community to donate trees, flowers, shrubs, and crepe myrtles that you see planted in front of the school now.”

Her decision and passion to beautify the lower caused a ripple effect throughout the other campuses.

“It gives me a good feeling knowing that the beautification process was started by me,” said Mrs. Carolyn.

After she got the degree in social work, Mrs. Carolyn decided to leave the school and began a new job with the Department of Human Services and then later went to work at Weems Mental Health Center.

Unfortunately, in 2015, she became sick and had a close call with death. Her health caused her to have to take an early retirement, but she tries to stay as active as she can. She participates in multiple clubs and organizations and helps out where needed as long as her health allows it.

“I love Clarke County. I think this county is the best little hidden secret in the world,” said Mrs. Carolyn.

With all her love and volunteer work she does for the county, Mrs. Carolyn Rogers offers the best advice she can give to everyone to help make the county even better than it already is.

“Lead by example,” stated Mrs. Carolyn. “No matter how people act and treat you, always be nice to them and show love in order to bring about change.”


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