Jail Docket 09/12/19

Jail Docket

• James Shelby, 44, arrested by QPD for shoplifting, public drunk, and disturbance of a business

• Perry L. Rich, 54, arrested by ESD and CCSD for MDOC hold, DUI Refusal, breaking and entering

• Jeremy P. Turnage, 36, arrested by CCSD for family disturbance

• Mary E. Herrington, 39, arrested by CCSD for hindering prosecution

• Wesley T. Robinson, 33, arrested by CCSD for trespassing

• Micah Duncan, 26, arrested by QPD for disturbance of family

The arrest records are published weekly and information in the records is obtained directly from the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department Docket Book. Names of those arrested are not and will not be withheld by request or fee. The arrest docket book is public record and is permissible to view by the public.


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