Panthers Clean Up Oil Spill


On a hot August night, the Quitman Panthers traveled to Heidelberg to face off against the Oilers.

In the first quarter, the Panthers could not catch their balance on the field as they slipped from one side of the field to the other. The oilers made their first and final touchdown of the night, and the field goal was deflected by #3 Lakedrick Smith. The score was now Oilers 6 - Panthers 0. By the end of the first quarter, the Panthers were awarded 2 points due to a safety. The final score in the first quarter was Oilers 6 - Panthers 2.

In the second quarter, panthers were fighting for ground until something truly miraculous happened. As the Oilers kicked the ball into the air, it was as if #27 Brandon Hicks grew wings as he jumped up to intercept the ball. He traveled to the end zone, avoiding all obstacles thrown at him. Couple that with a successful kick by #36 Tyler Hines, and the Panthers scored a total of seven points. The score was now Oilers 6 - Panthers 9. The panthers were not done yet as #12 Frederick Scruggs slid his way to another touchdown and another successful kick was made by #36 Tyler Hines. The score for the second quarter of the game was Oilers 6 -Panthers 16.

As the second quarter wrapped up, the Big Blue Crew wanted to slide in the oil to give their halftime show. As they wrapped up their first song, the band revealed something in their second song. The band surprised the crowd with a duet between flute player Dixie Pinkerton and saxophone player Anthony Evans. Both students are seniors, and the directors of the band could not be more proud of the students during their performance. 

After both bands played their halftime shows, The Panthers met the Oilers back on the field for the third quarter of the game, where the Panthers continued their struggle to fight for the end zone and hold the Oilers back. Neither the Panthers nor the Oilers scored a touchdown until the final quarter of the game, where #27 Brandon Hicks delivered a touchdown and #36 Tyler Hines kicked another perfect field goal. The final score of the game was Oilers 6 - Panthers 23.