Panthers Defeated in Playoffs


Another Panther football season is done as they lost the first round of playoffs against North Pike Friday night.

In the first quarter, #36 Tyler Hines kicked the ball to the Jaguars 32 yard line. The Jaguars immediately moved into Panther territory before being taken down on the 45 yard line. The Jaguars gained ground on the Panthers before throwing a long pass from the Panther’s 30 to a Jaguar close to the end zone. The Jaguars scored the first touchdown of the game along with a good PAT. The score was Panthers 0 - Jaguars 7. The Jaguars kicked the ball to the Panthers where they ran to the 48 yard line. #8 Jed Lewis ran the ball 50 yards to the end zone like a bolt of lightning, who scored the first touchdown for the Panthers. Instead of a PAT from Tyler Hines, the coaches chose to attempt a two point conversion, a strategic move that the Panthers did not attempt all season long. The conversion failed and left the Panthers with a score of 6 to Jaguars 7. Panthers kicked the ball down the field where the Jaguars caught and ran the ball back to the 49. The Panthers could not stop the Jaguars from scoring their next touchdown with a good PAT. The score was now Panthers 6 - Jaguars 14. At the end of the first quarter, the Panthers gained a first down on the 32 yard line in Panther territory.

As the second quarter started, the Panthers lost control of the ball which allowed Jaguars to push to the Panther 29 yard line. Determined to not let the Jaguars score, the Panthers miraculously regained control of the ball at the 10 yard line. The Panthers pushed to the Jaguar 32 yard line then scored a touchdown with a good PAT from Hines. The score was now Panthers 13 - Jaguars 14. In the next play, Jaguars pushed the Panthers to the 1 yard line where the Panthers regained the ball and pushed the ball all the way to the 39 yard line before the end of the second quarter. 

As the third quarter started, the Panthers pushed the ball to the Jaguar 23 yardline. The Panthers lost control of the ball where the Jaguars then pushed the ball into Panther territory and scored a touchdown against the Panthers. Followed by a good PAT, the score was now Panthers 13 - Jaguars 21.

As the final quarter began, the Panthers lost control of the ball at the 48 yard line. After the loss of the ball, the Panthers regained control of the ball and pushed it into Jaguar territory. Panthers gained a first down on the 41. #8 Jed Lewis scored a touchdown. The Panthers attempted a two point conversion that failed. The score was now Panthers 19 - Jaguars 21. Panthers kicked the ball to the Jaguars where the ball was then returned to the 49 yard line. The Panthers then regained the ball but could not pull off another touchdown.

The loss of the game meant that the Panthers would be hanging up their helmets for the season. After the end of the season, Head Football Coach Rashad Gandy said, “We didn’t end the season the way we wanted to, but I am proud to see how far we have come.”

On a personal note, the Panthers played hard all season long and in the end, the Panthers certainly earned the title of Undefeated District Champions. I honestly can’t wait to see how the junior class steps up to the field next year. My name is Seth McLemore and thank you for reading.


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