Panthers Take Homecoming Victory!


The Quitman Panthers fought hard against the Northeast Jones Tigers and ended with a Homecoming Victory!

Starting into the first quarter, the Panthers kicked off with #36 Tyler Hines landing the ball on the Tiger’s 24 yard line. Panthers gained control of the ball at the 16 yard line and #7 Ke’sean Johnson ran the ball in the end zone, giving the Panthers their first 6 points. Hine’s PAT gave the Panthers another point. In the first two minutes of the game, the score was Panthers 7 - Tigers 0.

Hines kicked off again, starting on the 36 yard line in Tiger territory. Tigers then ran the ball to the end zone. Coupled with a good PAT, the score was now tied 7-7.

The Tigers kicked the ball to the Panther 33 yard line. Quitman pushed the ball back to the Tiger 44 yard line. The Panthers run the ball back to the 20 yard line and #27 Brandon Hicks scored a touchdown. A good PAT from Hines took the score to Panthers 14 - Tigers 7.

Hines kicked off, landing the ball to the 20 yard line in Tiger territory.  The Panthers were then pushed back to the Tigers 36 yard line. NEJ invaded Panther territory by running the ball to the Panther’s 36 yard line.

The second quarter started off with the Tigers pushing the Panthers back further and further until they tied the score 14-14.

The Tigers kicked off the next round, landing the ball in the 42 yard line. Tigers scored against the Panthers with a three point field goal. The score was now Panthers 14 - Tigers 17.

Shortly after the Tigers’ field goal, Panthers scored a touchdown, but the PAT was no good. The score was now Panthers 20 - Tigers 17.

Hines kicked the ball landing it on the 24 yard line. After going back and forth, Hines attempted to kick a field goal, but failed as the ball bounced off of the Tigers, #8 Jed Lewis catches the ball and leaps over the Tigers scoring a touchdown for the Panthers which had fans on their feet!  Hines kicked a good PAT and the score was Panthers 27 - Tigers 17

In the start of the third quarter, the ball ended up in Panther territory on the 15 yard line, but #12 Frederick Scruggs ran the ball back to the Tiger’s end zone, scoring a touchdown for the Panthers and a successful PAT from Hine. The score was now Panthers 34 - Tigers 17.

The Tigers immediately ran the ball into the Panther’s territory, landing a touchdown with a successful PAT. The score was now Panthers 34 - Tigers 24. From the time the ball was kicked off, there was a brief struggle for territory, but by the end of the third quarter, the ball was on the Panther 32 yard line.

In the final quarter, Scruggs again scored a touchdown for the Panthers with Hines’ successful PAT. The score was now Panthers 41- Tigers 27. #44 Caleb Reeves kicked the ball to the Tiger 15 yard line. The Tigers move the ball up closer and closer to the end zone before scoring the final touchdown of the game. Paired with successful Tiger PAT, the final score was Panthers 41 - Tigers 31.

With this being the Homecoming celebration for the Panthers, the night was filled with cheers from the QLE Kittens and QHS Cheerleaders, the dance teams, fireworks, a flyover, alumni tailgating and Homecoming Maids and escorts. It was a great night with great football game fall temps.


Guilliam Rex Graham, 85, of Quitman, Mississippi, passed away on September 23, 2020, at Anderson's... READ MORE